Fuerteventura is the second largest of all the Canary Islands but the least populated. It’s famous for its massive sand dunes, pristine white sandy beaches, clear warm waters, pleasant all year round climate, consistent surf and laid back Canarian pace of life. Being only a 4 hour flight from most European cities it’s an ideal place to kick back, relax and learn how to surf, improve your surfing or surf some of it’s world class waves.

The North is where tourism first developed on the island and the town of Corralejo is now an established resort offering all the usuall tourist facilities. The coastline stretching west of Corralejo to the fishing village of El Cotillo is the main surfing area in the north and is considered to be one of the most consistent locations in Europe. The South by contrast is a quieter place with less tourism thanks to restricted development. Our base is the tranquil resort of Morro Jable and the Jandia peninsular despite not being as consistent as the north provides ideal conditions for beginners and intermediates.

Our range of surfing holidays below have been designed to suit most tastes/budgets and will appeal to single travellers, couples, friends and families. We can cater for everybody from absolute beginners who have never surfed before to intermediates who have completed a course elsewhere and need to improve, to seasoned surfers who are just looking for accommodation to rent in the best surfing locations.

 Fuerteventura North

Great Value


Suitable for newbies, beginners & improvers

If you’re new to surfing looking to learn how to surf or you’re a improver looking to take your surfing to the next level, then come and join our sociable surf camps in Fuerteventura.


Per person

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Suitable for intermediate surfers.
If you are already catching green waves and you don’t need coaching then our Surf taxi option is just for you! Sociable and surfer friendly accommodation plus daily transport to the surf.

Prices on request

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Great “Value For Money” option for people who want to stay in private accommodation with good facilities and combine it with surf lessons or surf safely alongside the surf school.


from 335€
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Fuerteventura South


Suitable for newbies, beginner & improvers

If you’re new to surfing and are looking to learn how to surf then this all inclusive surfing holiday offers great value for money. All year round sunshine, balmy water temps and crystal clear waters.

Prices per person

from 439€
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Suitable for intermediate surfers

If you’ve had a few lessons in the past or are a little rusty this course is ideal. To join this clinic you should be able to paddle into and ride green waves. We will help you take your surfing to the next level.

Please contact the ZOCO Team

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Situated off the west coast of Africa and open to north Atlantic swells Fuerteventura starts to receive the brunt of North Atlantic swells from October to April. The volcanic nature of the island has produced classic reefs setups dotted all along the famous north shore track. Fuerteventura and the neighboroughing island of «Los Lobos» has something to offer everyone from hollow A-frame peaks to long right hand points that can provide rides of upto 300 meters!

The North Shore coastline that stretches from Corralejo to El Cotillo has a deserved reputation as one of Europe’s hotspots especially during the winter months. There’s approx. 10 lava reefs that break on this stretch of coastline which means there’s always a quality wave to be found somewhere. Wave types range from fun to damn right suicidal! It can be crowded, there are locals who demand respect at some breaks and the rocks and sea urchins can make life difficult. However the localism has yet reached the same crazy levels as on the other Canary Islands. If you get this stretch of coast working or your prepared to drive around and get off the beaten track you’ll be rewaded with some classic surf sessions!

The El Cotillo region is a good training ground for beginners and intermediates, especially during the summer months. It’s a long natural beach protected by a small headland and has numerous peaks that work on different swell, tide and wind conditions. If the beach is not maxed out it provides mellow waves and a safe environment to learn how to surf. The local vibe is good and crowding is not generally a problem as there is always an empty peak further down the beach or at the neighboroughing Playa Esquinzo.

The North East Coast is not as consistent as the north shore but gets waves in huge or north, north-westerly swell conditions. Rumour has it that there’s some epic surf to be had in the south of the island, you’ve just got to have a look around…when the conditions are right…


The quality and diversity of the waves, the pleasant climate all year round, excellent tourist facilities and short flights times from most European cities combine to make Lanzarote a suitable destination for all levels of surfers all year round. Especially for those who like to be based in a resort.

Experienced surfers will find a wide range of challenging waves from October to April when powerful Atlantic swells produce heavy, consistent waves with near Hawaiin power on the reefs and points dotted around the north shore. There’s also the island of Los Lobos to explore plus some hidden gems further south!

People new to surfing and beginners will prefer the waves in El Cotillo that typically break over a sandy bottom and are mellower than their couterparts especially during the summer months from May to Sept. Intermediate surfers will find more challenging conditions in the Autumn time from Sept. onwards.