At the moment we offer surfing holidays in Hossegor on the Côte d’Argent in the Aquitaine region of France and the Overseas territory of Guadeloupe.


Hossegor, Soorts, Landes, Aquitaine, France
Surfing Holidays in South West France means world class beach breaks, hollow consistent waves, miles of sandy beaches, breathtaking scenery, long hot summer days, good food and great beach and nightlife.

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Region of France in the Eastern Caribbean Sea
An overseas territory of France, the Guadeloupe archipelago in the West Indies consits of 5 small islands the 2 main islands (Basse-Terre & Grand-Terre) are joined by a bridge over ‘la Riviere Salee’. Tropical climate & loads of good surf spots.

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South West France offers… endless miles of fine golden sand, perfect hollow beach breaks and hot sunny summers. The top brands in the surfing industry were quick to set up their European HQ in and around Hossegor and Biarritz and who can blame them. France has to be the ultimate European summer surf destination: during summer the north Atlantic feeds remarkably warm water along the west coast and winds are off shore almost every morning. Quality surf, gorgeous topless women on the beaches, crazy summer parties and fantastic food… Do we really need to say anything more.

République Française

The French Republic is a country whose metropolitan territory (MF) is located in Western Europe and that also comprises a collection of overseas islands and territories (DOM’s) located in other continents E.g. Guadeloupe. Metropolitan France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and North Sea, and from the Rhine River to the Atlantic Ocean. French people often refer to Metropolitan France as l’Hexagone (the ‘Hexagon’) because of the geometric shape of its territory. (personally I think it looks more like a star, but hey I’m not gonna argue the point)

France is bordered by Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Andorra, and Spain. In some of its overseas departments, France also shares land borders with Brazil, Suriname, and the Netherlands Antilles. France is also linked to the United Kingdom via the Channel Tunnel, which passes underneath the English Channel.

France by any other name…

Most countries of the world have different names in different languages. Some countries have also undergone name changes for political or other reasons. This list offers some of the alternative names for France. It does not offer any opinion about what the «original», «official», «real», or «correct» name of France is or was.

Fǎguó (old: Fàguó) – 法國 / 法国 (Mandarin Chinese variant), Fǎlánxī – 法蘭西 / 法兰西 (Mandarin Chinese), Ffrainc (Welsh), an Fhrainc (Irish), an Fhràing (Scots Gaelic), Frakkland (Icelandic), França (Catalan, Occitan, Portuguese), France (French, Walloon), Francë (Albanian), Francija – Франција (Macedonian), Francia (Italian, Latin, Spanish), Franciaország (Hungarian), Francie (Czech), Francija (Latvian), Francio (Esperanto), Francja (Polish), Francogallia or Gallia (Latin variants), Francojska (Lower Sorbian), Francuska (Croatian, Serbian), Francúzsko (Slovak), Frankraykh – פֿראַנקרײַך (Yiddish), Frankreich (German), Frankriek (Low Saxon), Frankrig (Danish), Frankriich (Alsatian), Frankrijk (Dutch), Frankrike (Swedish), Frankryk (Afrikaans, Frisian), Fransa (Armenian, Azeri, Turkish), Franța (Romanian), Frantscha (Romansh), Frantsiya – Фpaнция (Bulgarian, Russian), Frantzia (Basque), Franza (Maltese), Furansu – フランス (Japanese), Gallía – Γαλλία (Greek), Nước Phap or Phap Quốc (Vietnamese), Perancis (Indonesian, Malay), Peurangseu/P’ŭransŭ – 프랑스 (Korean), Prancūzija (Lithuanian), Pransya (Filipino/Tagalog), Prantsusmaa (Estonian, Võro), Ranska (Finnish), Tsarfat – צרפת (Hebrew), Farangsaid – ฝรั่งเศส (Thai).