At the moment we offer surfing holidays in the Autonomous Communities of the Canary Islands, Andalucia, Cantabria and Galica (details below), however we will soon be offering surfing holidays all over Spain – Watch this space for more Spanish surf camps and surfing trips…


Zahara de los Atunes, Cadiz  : Suitable for all levels of surfers
Still overlooked by many travelling surfers, this particular stretch coastline is very lightly surfed. Which means minimal crowds! The beauty of this particular area lies within the diversity of the coastline. From mellow or powerful beachbreaks to long walled up reef and point breaks.

Prices on request

from 398€
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surf camp fuerteventura


Suitable for all levels of surfers

Surfing Holidays in Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. A short-haul destination for most European travellers this volcanic island chain off the coast of northern Africa offers warm, crystal-clear water, epic pounding surf and plenty of sunshine all year round.

Per person

from 354€
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Loredo: Suitable for all levels of surfers

Cantabria is lush and green with extremely varied landscapes & climates. Bears, wolves and eagles still live in the mountains and the rivers are full of salmon and trout. The coast is littered with beautiful bays, picturesque fishing villages and literally dozens of surfing breaks.

Prices on request

from 165€
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Playa de Razo: Suitable for all levels surfers
Galicia like its northen counterparts is lush and green with varied landscapes & climates. Wild horses still roam the mountains and the Rivers (Rias) produce world renowned seafood. The jagged coastline is littered with beautiful bays, picturesque fishing villages and unspoilt beaches that offer consistent surf during the summer.

Prices on request

from 290€
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The Kingdom of Spain is the largest of the three sovereign nations that make up the Iberian peninsula—the others are Portugal and Andorra—located in southwestern Europe. To the west (and, in Galicia, south), it borders Portugal. To the south, it borders Gibraltar and, through its cities in North Africa (Ceuta and Melilla), Morocco. To the northeast, along the Pyrenees mountain range, it borders France and the tiny principality of Andorra. It also includes the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and a number of uninhabited islands on the Mediterranean side of the strait of Gibraltar.

Spain is one of the most liberal, inexpensive and wave rich nations in Europe. The Spanish coastline gets swell thrown at it from every conceivable direction AND it has some of the craziest, day-n-night summer fiestas on the planet! We hardly need to twist your arm.


Spain is one of Europe’s least exploited surfing destinations, aside from Mundaka which, thanks to the WQS, receives some limelight and is visited by surfers from all over the globe. There are surfing breaks all along the Bay of Biscay that offer a huge variety of options to the travelling surfer. Galicia is a swell magnet, attracting more swell than anywhere else in Europe and is a paradise for surfers, while the Canary Islands provide waves with near Hawaiian power and consistency. Spanish surfers are among Europe’s best and this has to be because they grow up surfing some of the surfing worlds best breaks.

In addition to having cracking surf, Spain has some of the best nightlife in Europe, the Spanish know how to party and many clubs and bars stay open all night. As if all that isn’t enough – the food is brilliant, the Spanish have turned snacking into an art form with ‘Tapas’ which is generally a cheap and delicious way to sample the vast culinary delights of Spain.

Spain by any other name…

Most countries of the world have different names in different languages. Some countries have also undergone name changes for political or other reasons. This list offers some of the alternative names for Spain. It does not offer any opinion about what the «original», «official», «real», or «correct» name of Spain is or was.

Espagne (French), Espainia (Basque), España (Spanish), Espanha (Occitan, Portuguese), Espanja (Finnish), Espanya (Catalan, Filipino/Tagalog), Hispaania (Estonian, Võro), Hispania (Latin), Hispanio (Esperanto), Hiszpania (Polish), Isbāniyā – إسبانيا (Arabic), Ispanía – Ισπανία (Greek), Ispanija (Lithuanian), Ispaniya – Испания (Bulgarian, Russian), İspaniya (Azeri), İspanya (Turkish), Sbaen (Welsh), Sepanyol (Malay), Sfarad – ספרד (Hebrew), Shpanye – שפּאַניע (Yiddish), Spagna (Italian, Romansh), an Spáinn (Irish), an Spàinn (Scots Gaelic), Španělsko (Czech), Spania (Armenian), Spania (Romanian), Španielsko (Slovak), Spanien (Danish, German, Low Saxon, Swedish), Spānija (Latvian), Španija (Slovene),Španija – Шпанија (Serbian), Spanja (Maltese), Spanje (Afrikaans, Dutch, Frisian), Španjolska (Croatian), Spánn (Icelandic), Špańska (Lower Sorbian), Spanyol (Indonesian), Spanyolország (Hungarian), 西班牙 (Chinese), Seupein or Eseupanya – 에스파냐 / 스페인 (Korean), Supein – スペイン (Japanese)