Itacaré, jewel of Bahia

Surfing in Itacaré is about as close as you’ll get to those postcard clichés, the sea is warm, the water turquoise and so clear you can see the bottom, there are beautiful coral reefs, fruit trees, tropical vegetation and palm-lined beaches. Apres surf you can relax in your hammock with a refreshing fresh coconut drink or sip on your ‘Caipirinha’ (local rum, lime, ice and sugar).

The village of Itacaré is located in the cocoa zone of the state of Bahia, south of Salvador and 70 km north of Ilhéus. The quality of waves in Itacaré have helped make it the Surfing Meca for South Amenrica. This is also where the Rio de Contas river mouth flows into the sea.

The climate is tropical and temperatures vary between 25˚C and 30˚C but may rise up to 40˚C in the hot season (from December to March). The sun shines all year long and the most constant rains are during the winter (from June to August).


ITACARÉ Learn-2-Surf

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Suitable for all surfers of any level.
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Surfing was brought to Itacaré around 1974, by surfers from Salvador who had to venture along a dirt track full of holes and rocks that circled through the tropical jungle. Despite the rough terrain and almost getting lost along the way, they prodded on and finally they spotted the the village of Itacaré nestled between the ocean and the rain forest, a real ‘lost village’.

When they finally arrived at the beach, they could not believe the size and perfection of the waves. After days of surfing perfect waves they went back to Salvador and told a few other surfers…only a few close friends 😉

Ronaldo Fadul, one of the best surfers of Bahia at the time, moved to Itacaré to be close to the waves of his dreams. Slowly, more and more surfers arrived in Itacaré where they were welcomed by «Old Joaquim» the only true local at the beach.

Local and state contests began to take place at Tiririca beach. The Itacaré Surfing Association (A.S.I.) was created and today surfing related tourism has become a key factor in the economic rebirth of Itacaré.