Windsurf holidays Spain and Morocco


Windsurf holidays in Spain


Canary Islands: Lanzarote | Fuerteventura North | Fuerteventura South

Excellent wind stats, pleasant climate all year round, good tourist facilities & short flight times from most European cities. Suitable for all levels.

Per person

from 295€
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Kitesurfing and windsurf holidays morocco


Essaouira | Moulay Bouzerktoun

Excellent wind, waves, pleasant climate all year round,short flight times from European cities. Moroccan equivalent of the french Riviera, alive with culture, festivals and the arts. Suitable for all abilities from beginners to advanced windsurfers.

Per person

from 299€
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Windsurfing travel is about getting the details right.
The only way to do this is to visit all the destinations personally. Our windsurfing holidays and learn to windsurf camps are all tried-and-tested by the Zoco team. We’ve slept in the windsurfing accommodation, personally inspected the windsurf schools, witnessed the windsurfing lessons and checked the windsurfing equipment. We like to meet everyone we work with face-to-face and we meticulously check and research each of our windsurfing destinations.

So, which of our windsurfing holidays is best for you?
We offer Learn to windsurf holidays or ‘Windsurf Camps‘ for beginners at fully accredited VDWS windsurf schools with professonal windsurfing lessons and courses from qualified windsurfing instructors .

Windsurf holidays Spain

Our Windsurfing Clinics are aimed at intermediate & advanced windsurfers and our personal Accommodation + Rental Holidays for experienced windsurfers. We also offer a range of windsurfing accommodation for those windsurfers who need a little pampering as well as a good selection of combined windsurfing and adventure activities.


In 1965 Hoyle Schweitzer and Jim Drake developed the first ‘windsurfer’ combining surfing and sailing. Little did they know how far-reaching their discovery would be or how many peoples lives it would change. It’s this spirit of discovery and fun that is at the core of Zoco Boardriding Adventures. Whether you are an absolute beginner, a wave warrior or an air junkie we have the windsurfing holiday to motivate and challenge you.


We are always looking for new windsurfing destinations to add to our site. If you own a windsurfing school in a excellent windsurfing spot or have accommodation just steps from the water, contact us and we’ll check it out. All schools need to be fully accredited by either the IKO or VDWS and accommodation needs to meet our standards and requirements, email us for more info.


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