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Kiteboarding holidays in playa Famara – Lanzarote


If the kiteboarding camp or kiteboarding Clinic do not suit your needs then why not customize your own kiteboarding trip! Zoco can provide Custom kiteboarding accommodation, car hire and all the information you need to ensure a you get the most from your next kiteboarding trip. A Zoco Travel Adventure can be designed around you, and your specific requirements. You can even do a multi-adventure trip combining Kitesurfing & Surfing or other board sports.


We offer a wide range of kiteboarding tuition, from beginner up to advanced level and the Kiteboarding Academy is located in an ideal kiteboarding spot. All courses are run by qualified instructors and the Academy is a OZONE Pro Center and a recognized Academy . This means you are guaranteed professional tuition with particular attention paid to your safety.

The Kiteboarding Academy can provide courses dealing with any of the aspects of your kiteboarding you need help with. Courses cover any of the topics below:

• Equipment Setup
• How to determine wind direction
• Therory about the wind window
• Piloting at the top of the window with short or long lines
• Launching & landing at the edge of the window with an assistant
• Untwisitng lines by rotating the boom
• Conduct a thorough pre-flight check
• Launching and landing a kite by yourself
• Piloting the kite in the power zone
• Working with the kite in the power zone to generate a steady pull
• Rig a 4-line kite
• Rig and adjust a 4-line de-powering system
• Pilot a kite with the harness
• Piloting in the power zone and generating a steady drag on land
• Water start technique on land
• Body dragging without a harness
• Relaunching the kite from the water
• Untwisting the lines by rotating the boom whilst in the water
• Hooking into the harness while in the water
• Body dragging using body position and piloting the kite to move in wanted direction
• Generating a steady pull in starting position on the board
• Connecting hte leash
• Water start
• Navigation while moving
• Awareness of position (start and arrival point)
• Theory about edge control
• Upwind riding
• Riding twin-tip boards
• Switching direction

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All the equipment is of the highest standard and complies to the safety standards laid down by the VDWS/IKO. For more detailled information on the equipment used please see our kiteboarding equipment guide.


At Zoco we specialise in providing accommodation handpicked to suit your specific kitesurfing needs, taste and pocket. For those wishing to stay close to the kite spots, we have sourced the perfect accommodation. We have a wide range of properties to rent in Lanzarote including beachfront bungalows in Playa Famara and traditional Canarian apartments in the neighbouring fishing villages of La Caleta de Famara.

Alternatively if you have deep pockets or you would like to stay in a resort in a private holiday villa with pool or a 5 star hotel please follow see our full list of Kitesurfing properties in Lanzarote.

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travel Insurance For Kitesurfers

Via our partners at Columbus Direct, we provide you with easy, no-nonsense holiday insurance with the option of cover for kiteboarding. Check out the policy for kitesurfers with Columbus Direct on the following link: Comprehensive Travel Insurance


Please remember, Zoco Travel Adventure can be designed around you, and your specific requirements. Tell us what you’re after and we’ll do our best to make it happen. You can even opt for a combination of Kitesurfing & Surfing.

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